What Australian women know when it comes to breast density & risk

In August 2017, Pink Hope commissioned a nationally-representative survey that explored women’s awareness, or lack thereof, regarding breast density, breast cancer risk and screening options available. In total, 1,010 women from all states and territories across Australia completed the online survey.

Breast Density 101

Key Findings

  • In fact, 40-50% of women aged 40-74 have dense breasts – that’s over two million Australian women. Yet four out of five women (84.4%) are unaware dense breasts increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Almost two thirds (65.8%) have no idea breast density can obscure a lesion or lump on a mammogram. More than three quarters of Australian women (78.1%) don’t know, or are unsure, if they’re at increased risk of breast cancer.
  • When it comes to women over the age of 50 – for whom a mammogram is highly recommended given risk increases with age (approximately 75% of new cases of breast cancer develop in women over the age of 50)– a third of Australian women have not had a mammogram (36.7%).
  • Almost half of women over the age of 50 haven’t even checked their own breasts via self-exam (45.3%). In fact, when looking at all women over the age of 30, one in three Australian women haven’t checked their own breasts (35.7%).
  • Three quarters of women over the age of 50 (79.4%), who are at increased risk of developing breast cancer, don’t know, or are unsure, whether or not they have dense breasts.
  • Only a small number of women have ever undergone more personalised breast screening such as: MRI (3.5%) or 3D Mammogram (19.5%).

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