One size doesn’t fit all

Are you aware of your breast density? It’s up to each woman to be aware and educated when it comes to breast density and risk. Learn more about breast density and your risk.

What Australian women know when it comes to breast density & risk.

Our national survey showed:

of women are unaware dense breasts increase the risk of breast cancer.

of women have no idea breast density can obscure a lesion/lump on a mammogram.

of women don’t know, or are unsure, whether or not they have dense breasts.

Breast Density 101

Learn how breast density is related to developing breast cancer and failure to diagnose it. Become aware of your risk and take control of your health.

Know your risk tool

Assessment tool to help women know their Breast / Ovarian cancer risk.

Myth busting

Make sure you know the right information for your breast health.

What does it mean for me?

Understanding the implications of your risk on your breast health.

Empowered women. Empower women.

Be your own advocate when it comes to health. Know you risk and change your future, by learning your level of risk and be able to consider personalised screening options with your doctor.
It only takes five minutes to take control of your health.

Understanding Breast Health with Shelly Horton.

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Be Dense Aware Blog

Here you will learn information, tips, hear from women who have been there, and empower yourself to be educated when it comes to density and risk.

Everyone has a story

We are commited to advocating and raising awareness of breast density and risk, so that all women are in control.

What to expect when you go for a Mammogram

Mammograms are an essential step towards being in control of your breast

5 things you should know when it comes to breast health

All breasts are different. Whether it be shape, size, or texture- what’s normal for

Janes Story

At my current age of 52, I went in for an annual pap-smear. I told my GP that I was tired and explained that I’d been


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